Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sally Hansen Insta-Gel Nail Strips

I have awful nails and have been eyeing this system for awhile at Target. This weekend I decided to splurge and buy it.

It averages between $20-$32 in cost depending on where you buy it, I found it the cheapest at Walgreens online for $20. I bought mine at Target for $27 because I was impatient. I was so impatient that I was an annoying customer who had an employee search the backstock because my target HBC is undergoing a reset.

Was it worth it?

The strips were easy enough to apply, but the instructions seem to promote waste of product-- I have pretty small nails so in the future I may just use half of the nail strips to conserve and get two manicures out of one box (strips cost $11-$15). Additionally I think it may be easier to get a good fit around the tip of the nail without having to deal with so much excess.

I am pretty satisfied with the results as of now, my nails are shiny and imperfection-free because of the quick cure with the LED lamp. It has only been 24 hours so I will have to do a follow up in a week or two in order to see if the 2-week claim holds up. My nails are thin and peel, so in general polish barely lasts 24 hours on me. I'm hoping that I can gain some length and nail health by having the gel on for a week or so.
like I said, terrible nails.

Anyone else tried these? Any application tips? As far as I can tell the most important step seems to be cleaning your nail bed really well (like when applying regular polish). Additionally making sure that the polish strip is fully adhered to the tip of your nail (or you will get peeling and lose the nail faster).

Now I'm off to watch the amazing race with my kittehz.


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