Thursday, March 21, 2013

Little Black Bag obsession

I have been addicted to Little Black Bag for the past year. I have shamefully opened a bag nearly 1x a month, every month stating that I am going to "take the month off..."

This past month wasn't my best bag, I really enjoyed my items but am not sure if I really got my money's worth--then again I did get 3 quality pairs of earrings ($85 value) for $29.99. Maybe I am just feeling greedy after having a few months of really good trading.

These Catherine Stein Earrings retail for $22, and are what I opened my bag with. I have been trying to grow my "casual" earring collection over the past year after noticing that the majority of my jewelry collection was more suited for the bars than work.

Harry approved
I am pretty excited to wear these Geranium earrings. I wish the quality of them was a little bit better, but they do look nice and appear to be pretty sturdy. The latch clasps don't particularly close how they should without prompting, but no other complaints. (retail $28)

THREADERS!! I was a bit scared that these earrings would be hard to put on because of the zigs and the zags, but it isn't awful and is definitely not painful. They look pretty awesome on as well. I traded down for these earrings, so I'm glad they worked out. (retain $35)

by phillippe zig-zag earrings
Recent food photos to come soon to not clog this post up :). 

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