Sunday, March 24, 2013

Confessions and pleasures

When I was in graduate school I would go to Target during writing breaks just to walk the store, check out clearance, and admire things I wanted but could not buy. I have my fancy degree now, but I have kept this as a nearly weekly routine. Today I got some raspberry Iced Tea and headed over there.

if only my necklaces actually would not tangle on this

guhh! special editions!

Harry proof

I am a huge fan of plastic cups right now. My cat, Harry, has successfully broken 85% of my glassware in the past year. I thought it was funny, yet awesome, that they made plastic water bottles that appeared like the good-for-you glass ones.

reversible pants
I really love this idea of reversible pants- loving the pastel colors as well. Only minus--I think I am too fat for patterned pants. Maybe I could pull them off since the pattern is so subtle. I may try them on during my next trip. Any one have thoughts on how to style patterned pants?

What I actually bought...cold medicine.

Took the kitteh's out to enjoy the nice weather in the back yard.

getting frisky

discussing important matters

And confessions. I have been terrible at photographing my meals lately. I have also been eating terribly. 

I have been thinking of theming days for this blog to make posts more structured. I may try it out over this next week.

Home on Monday
Try it Tuesday
Wednesday's Food
Thursday's Kittehz
Friday's Nailz
Saturday Caturday
Whatever I want Sunday

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